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Josh Brown

I’m a lifelong resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast with strong ties to the community. Also, I am active in various civic and church organizations. My family roots kept me invested in the Gulf Coast Area. I have devoted 16 years of professional experience in the ever-expanding Financial & Insurance industries. My track record involves being able to understand the customer’s needs and to communicate a plan of action to fill those needs.

My main goal here is to help others with honesty, integrity and service; with maximizing their resources while eliminating risk and minimizing their taxes.

Tip# 5: Thing about your Goals.

When planning for retirement you need to consider your goals at every stage of planning, and at every age. Instead of retiring all at once, you should consider retiring in phases. This would make the whole journey easier and smoother for you. The closer you get to retiring the more often you should check your goals, and ensure that you are going to have enough money to retire comfortably. Retirement doesn’t have to be scary. Retirement is fun and enjoyable when you plan for it financially.

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Tip# 13: Plan Review.

Your life is constantly changing and the same can be said for your financial needs. Make sure that your investment plan is still on track to help you reach your financial objectives. The general rule of thumb is every two years, go back to that plan and check to see that it still works for you. Ideally, your budget will shrink as you get older. Examine your goals and significant life events that may have occurred and adjust your plan if necessary. If you continue to live a budget-conscious lifestyle after retirement, you should find that you enjoy approximately the same quality of life without spending as much money.

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